What is Fascia?

What is Fascia???

According to experts Fascia is the bodies protective mechanism that helps the body by preventing injury to major vital organs and the body itself. You can find Fascia pretty much everywhere in the body, around structures, organs, ligaments and joints.

How does Fascia effect my body?

Whether your job requires you to sit, stand or run around all day Fascia is consistenly effected by what we do. Through wear and tear fascia tightness up and begins to develop adhesions within our body resulting in adhesions, spasms, triggerpoints and compensations. or RAD (Restrictions, Adhesions, Distortions) - Ashley Black Guru

What can help treat RAD - Spasms, Adhesions, and Compensations

I educate my clients that with self-care or bodywork (medical massage or Fasciablasting) done professionally it can help keep your Fascia smooth and pliable.

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