What is Fascia??

Fascia is a thin layer of fibrous tissue which encloses a muscle or an organ. You can find Fascia in every muscle, bone, nerve, artery and vein, including internal organs such as the heart, lungs, brain and spinal cord. Fascia is also one continuous structure, picture saran wrap covering the entire body continuously from head to toe. The body is very much connected. you will begin to understand how certain areas of the body are affected when a specific area is injured due to compensation and so on. 


How does Fascia Blasting help with Pain and/or Cellulite? 

Before Fascia Blasting it is important to heat the body properly. There are different methods used to heat such as cardio workout, hot tub, sauna or heating pads. Heating is the first most important step to Fascia Blasting. After heating fascia becomes more pliable and easily manipulated. It also makes it less uncomfortable when you begin to blast your body. The main goal here is to restore the fascia by bringing blood flow to the surface giving the skin a nice flush look. When the desired results have been achieved we move on to the next target area.


By increasing blood circulation to our bodies it helps to improve mobility, range of motion of our joints, increased flexibility, realignment of our postures and the freeing of stagnant and painful areas. 

Fascia Blasting significantly improves the appearance of cellulite by combing through our fascia with the claws of the fascia blaster. By doing so you're facilitating the inflammation process in the body to help heal any tight restrictions felt in any part of the body while increasing blood flow to areas that lack fresh oxygenated blood. 


** When blasting our aim is not to bruise or dig in deep into our skin. A little goes a long way when blasting or doing any kind of bodywork. 


In how long should I see results??

Results do vary in each and every individual depending on a few variables such as diet, lifestyle and daily habits. Everybody is different. Keep in mind that we are aiming for a healthy progression in the results of each individual. Allowing the body heal is as important as heating. Massaging in between the healing phases helps the body to recuperate more quickly. Bruises that do tend to appear when blasting fade faster as well. It is important to blast a different body part every other day. Blasting over bruises is never a good idea, its highly recommended to let the body heal first.  

**Bruises may appear as part of the healing process, this is due to the fact that blood is being stimulated to the surface of the skin. 


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