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We are all about team work!!! 💪 This beautiful young lady has so much talent!!! Her energy and her hard work is what will get Sophie “The Dog” Sharp to the top!!! Sophie has started a GoFundMe page so She can attend the IBJJF National in Las Vegas Nevada this June. Let’s do it together and make it happen for Sophie!! ♥️ To show your support Click here

February is LOVE your body month

Ok my beautiful followers!!! Are you ready for the 🌟 New Year New You 🌟 kick off tomorrow for our Fasciablaster challenge!? I want to do something special for my girls (guys too 😉) just in time for Valentine’s Day! _ My Fasciablasters get 15% off of their Gift Card purchase. Tell your hubbies to purchase something you really want - FasciaBlasting treatments!! Mommies do a lot and they need to be pampered stat - So here you go!! Starting tomorrow, February 1st the promotion will go live!! The code is 🌟 NYNY19 🌟 _ Contact us today (Link in Bio) to buy your gift card. . . . #musclefitness #iastm #pregnant #prenatalmassage #pregnancy#triggerpointtherapy #rela

The Healing Powers of Infrared Saunas

Detox, Health & Wellness, Heart Health, Infrared Sauna Benefits, Pain, Weight Loss We receive thank you notes and testimonials from many different customers each month, each with their own success story. For some, their Sunlighten infrared sauna is part of their workout regimen – a great way to relax muscles that have been worked to the max. For others, the sauna is a terrific means to relieving daily stress. For many, though, the infrared sauna is purchased and used for very specific healing reasons. And, in that regard, few things compare to an infrared sauna. Effortless Detoxification Just like light from the sun, infrared waves in a Sunlighten sauna penetrate up to 1-1/2 inches below you

What is Fascia?

What is Fascia??? According to experts Fascia is the bodies protective mechanism that helps the body by preventing injury to major vital organs and the body itself. You can find Fascia pretty much everywhere in the body, around structures, organs, ligaments and joints. How does Fascia effect my body? Whether your job requires you to sit, stand or run around all day Fascia is consistenly effected by what we do. Through wear and tear fascia tightness up and begins to develop adhesions within our body resulting in adhesions, spasms, triggerpoints and compensations. or RAD (Restrictions, Adhesions, Distortions) - Ashley Black Guru What can help treat RAD - Spasms, Adhesions, and Compensations I

Love Your Body Month!

The New Year, New You challenge gives us an opportunity to reflect on what is most important to us. Ourselves! The importance of self-care is just as important as taking your muilti-vitamin everyday. It's what keeps our bodies running at it's optimum level at all times while keeping pain away. If you haven't yet follow the Ashley Black Guru page for more amazing information and my Long Island Fasciablasters - and If you're a Spanish speaker or know someone who speaks Spanish have them join the FasciaBlasters en Español. The HEALTH of our FASCIAL tissue is crucial to our health and well-being. El Reto Nuevo Año, Nueva Tu (New Year, New You) nos brinda la oportunidad de reflexionar sobre lo q

Get ready to bring your self care to the next level!

We strive to bring our clients the best of the best products from around the world under one roof! We are so proud to annouce that we have teamed up with Cupping USA, and welcome them to JAQ LMT family! They have an amazing selection of cups to choose from. Plus, an amazing customer service team ready to answer any of your questions.

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